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Radiochemical Xe-133 is a fission produced radioisotope in a CO2 and stable xenon mixture. It is used by the oil and gas industry as a radioactive source and is used by the nuclear industry for instrument calibration. For industrial use only, not for use in humans.


Physical Characteristics

Half-Life 125.83 hours

Form and Concentration

Chemical form  Xe-133 gas in 5% stable Xe & 95% CO2
Radioactive Concentration  150 mCi per cc at calibration
Impurities Xe-131m≤5.0%, Xe-133m≤1.0%,
Xe-135≤0.1%, Kr-85≤0.1%,
I-131≤0.01%, Other≤0.1%


Calibration 12:00 noon Wednesday (EST)

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