PYLARIFY® (piflufolastat F 18)
Peer-to-Peer Reader Assistance Program

This program is complementary to the PYLARIFY® Reader Training and provides guidance and assistance to nuclear medicine and radiology readers and urology, medical oncology and radiation oncology healthcare providers (HCPs) on how to accurately read and interpret PYLARIFY® scans, especially in complex cases and for HCPs with less experience in reading these scans. The PYLARIFY® Peer-to-Peer Reader Assistance Program is available to HCPs who have completed the PYLARIFY® Reader Training.

An HCP can request participation in this complimentary program by reviewing the program details below and completing the request form.

Reader Assistance Program Request

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Program Details

Participation in the program is intended to be available to an HCP for a limited time, while the HCP is gaining experience with reading and interpreting PYLARIFY® scans. The program is complementary to the Reader Training modules already developed with the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (“SNMMI Reader Training”), which can be accessed at

HCPs can share with the physician expert reader only HIPAA-compliant, anonymized scan data in digital form. The physician expert reader will discuss with the HCP specific PYLARIFY® scan interpretation questions in real time (via video conference).

  • The discussion is intended to be only educational in nature to develop the HCP’s experience with PYLARIFY®;
  • Prior completion of the SNMMI Reader Training is required;
  • The program is NOT an over-read exercise or “curbside consultation,” and the physician expert reader is NOT rendering any medical advice or providing any medical judgments or diagnoses to (or for use by) the HCP or relevant patient;
  • The HCP and the HCP’s institution retain complete responsibility for decision-making and actions taken or not taken relating to the patient and image capture, reading and interpretation, diagnosis, treatment decisions, patient management and related activities; and
  • The limit to any individual HCP’s participation in the program is a maximum of 5 sessions