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View 4/16/2020 Update Regarding COVID-19

We remain grateful for the work all health care workers and government officials are doing to keep our communities healthy and safe. We send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by COVID-19 and will continue to do our part to keep our teams and our communities safe and to support our customers and the patients they serve.

Ensuring the Safety of  Our Teams and Communities

  • In early March, we established a COVID-19 Preparedness Planning Team and immediately restricted all non-essential travel. We also established appropriate internal precautions to limit the spread of coronavirus.
  • On March 16th, Lantheus made the decision to have all non-critical employees and contractors work remotely and avoid all work-related travel.
  • We are following the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidance regarding “social distancing” and the appropriate use of masks and/or cloth face coverings for those critical employees and contractors still working on-site.
  • We are also requiring “self-reporting” of all employees and contractors to monitor those who may be at risk of contracting and / or transmitting COVID-19.

Ensuring Business Continuity to Support our Customers, Patients, and Shareholders

  • We continue to fulfill our “essential” role of providing diagnostic imaging agents and products to our customers. We are grateful to our more than 100 critical manufacturing, supply, and quality employees and contractors in Massachusetts, Canada, and Puerto Rico that continue to support these efforts.
  • We have taken proactive steps across our organization to reduce costs until stay at home mandates and related safety measures are lifted and elective medical procedures recover. We are maintaining a state of preparedness to resume full business activities as business conditions allow to support our customers and patients.
  • We are in regular contact with our suppliers, airlines, and carriers, to minimize any potential supply chain disruptions. Where disruptions do occur, we are in touch with affected customers and our sales and customer service representatives (+1.800.299.3431) remain available for questions or additional information.
  • We remain committed to supporting clinicians and are available to provide support to them by phone, email, or virtual programs as appropriate. Please reach out to your sales representative for additional information.
  • We continue to communicate with relevant health authorities, industry bodies, and governments to ensure that we stay up-to-date on this evolving situation.

Supporting our Community

  • Lantheus Donates PPELantheus Medical Imaging is proud to have donated much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help protect health care workers in Massachusetts.
  • We were able to donate more than 7,000 glove sets, 2,000 face masks, and 500 gowns through an effort coordinated by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (“MassBio”).
  • We would like to give special thanks to the Massachusetts National Guard for picking up and transporting these PPEs.

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Lantheus Donates PPE